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Tummy Tuck Surgery Procedure Abbotsford

An abdominoplasty, or more commonly known as a tummy tuck is the most popular surgical way to remove the loose excess skin, fat and stretch marks in the abdomen while tightening the muscles back up. Both men and women pursue getting a tummy tuck performed for multiple different reasons but the most popular ones being weight gain, weight loss, previous surgery and pregnancy. Exercise and dieting can only do so much to improve the look of the abdomen but with a tummy tuck the abdominal skin will become tighter and flatter making clothes fit better and you feeling more confident. An abdominoplasty is one of Dr. Brown’s most frequently performed cosmetic procedures. As a Board Certified, Canadian trained Plastic Surgeon working in the Greater Vancouver area Dr. Brown will strive to give you the best possible result you can expect.

tummy tuck

In your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Brown in our Abbotsford, BC office, he will discuss:

  • If you are a candidate for a tummy tuck
  • Go over your expectations for your surgical goal
  • Discuss the incision/scar
  • Mini-abdominoplasty vs. full scar abdominoplasty
  • What to expect before and after your surgery
  • The benefits and potential risks with having a tummy tuck

For your best possible outcome it is recommended that you are at the desired weight you want to be at. Weight fluctuations and future pregnancies can alter the appearance. We also recommend that you are a non-smoker as this can lead to delayed healing and complications.

Once you are done your consultation, you will be given a quote for the surgery, which is good for one year. This quote includes the fee for Dr. Brown to perform the tummy tuck, the clinic, abdominal binder and follow-up appointments with Dr. Brown. The only extra cost to you would be the pain medication that would be prescribed to you for after your surgery and general lab work (if you do not have a BC Care Card). You will be given a booklet of information to take home with you which will include your quote, more information on the abdominoplasty surgery, clinic information and financing options.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the surgery performed?

Dr. Brown performs the surgery at a private surgical facility located in Langley, BC. It is just minutes from Highway 1 and an hour outside of Vancouver, BC.

How long is the surgery?

The surgery typically takes 90 minutes and is done under a general anesthetic. You can expect to be at the surgical clinic from 3-6 hours.

What is the recovery like after having a tummy tuck?

The scar varies from patient to patient depending what your surgical goal is but it will be just above the pelvic bone. The scar is low enough that it can typically be hidden in most bathing suits and low rise pants.

What does Dr. Brown do to help with my post-operative pain and nausea?

Dr. Brown will prescribe you pain medication and anti-nausea medication to assist in your recovery. Dr. Brown will inject your incision lines with long acting freezing.

How long after my consultation can I book my surgery?

With our increased flexibility with scheduling, we can typically accommodate the month you would like to proceed with your surgery in.

Can I see before and after pictures?

For the privacy of our patients, we do not have before and after pictures on the website; however we have a book of pictures of Dr. Brown’s work you can look through after your consultation with Dr. Brown.

What is the price of having abdominoplasty?

Dr. Brown will discuss the actual cost of having a tummy tuck in the consultation but typically the cost starts at $12,500+GST.

I saw a surgeon in Vancouver and the price was significantly higher. Why is Dr. Brown's price so much more affordable?

With Dr. Brown operating in Abbotsford he can pass on the savings of lower real estate costs to you. That way your aren’t paying for the cost and expense of having surgery in a centre whose real estate costs are that much higher.

Do I need to be from Abbotsford, BC to see Dr. Brown for an abdominoplasty?

With Dr. Brown’s convenient location right off of Highway One in Abbotsford, his office is easy to reach from any of the Lower Mainland Cities. Dr. Brown commonly sees patients from Hope, Chilliwack, Mission, Maple Ridge, Langley, Surrey, Burnaby and Vancouver.