Liposuction Surgery Procedure Abbotsford

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure performed both on men and women who have troublesome areas of fat. It is recommended to be at your ideal weight as this is not a procedure for weight loss, rather it is a cosmetic procedure performed to remove localized collections of excess fat that are unsusceptible to diet and exercise. This is done by little incisions being made in the skin and suctioned out. The end result of liposuction is to bring localized fat into proportion with the rest of the body. Common areas that liposuction can be performed on are: Hips, Thighs, Buttocks, Abdomen, Arms, Neck, and Chin


In your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Brown in our Abbotsford, BC office, he will discuss:

  • If you are a candidate for a liposuction
  • Your expectation and goals for surgery
  • The incisions and potential scars from the liposuction
  • What to expect before and after surgery
  • The benefits and risks of having a liposuction

The consultation fee for liposuction is $100 plus G.S.T. Once you are done your consultation, you will be given a quote for the surgery, which is good for one year. This quote includes the fee for Dr. Brown to perform liposuction, the clinic and follow-up appointments with Dr. Brown. The only extra cost to you would be the pain medication that would be prescribed to you for after your surgery and general lab work (if you do not have a BC Care Card). You will be given a booklet of information to take home with you which will include your quote, more information on the face lift surgery, clinic information and financing options.

Liposuction Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the surgery performed?

Dr. Brown performs the surgery at a private surgical facility located in Langley, BC. It is just minutes from Highway 1 and an hour outside of Vancouver, BC.

How long is the surgery?

The length of surgery all depends on how much liposuction is being performed and if it is being combined with another surgery, such as a tummy tuck. This is something you and Dr. Brown will go over in the consultation once it is determined how much liposuction is going to be performed. Once this is decided you can expect to be at the surgical clinic anywhere from 2-4 hours afterwards.

What is the recovery like after having liposuction?

Every patient is different as the amount of liposuction performed varies from patient to patient. You can typically return to doing your day to day activities after 1 week. Physical and strenuous activities should be avoided anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

What does Dr. Brown do to help with my post-operative pain and nausea?

Dr. Brown will prescribe you pain medication and anti-nausea medication to assist in your recovery. Also as part of your surgery the Anesthetist will perform an ultra sound guided TAP block. Dr. Brown and his team at South Fraser Surgery Centre is one of the only centres in BC where a TAP block is performed as part of your pain control.

How long after my consultation can I book my surgery?

With our increased flexibility with scheduling, we can typical accommodate the month you like to proceed with your surgery in.

Do I need to be from Abbotsford, BC to see Dr. Brown for liposuction?

With Dr. Brown’s convenient location right off Highway 1 in Abbotsford, his office is easy to reach from the Lower Mainland cities. Dr. Brown commonly sees patients from Hope, Chilliwack, Mission, Maple Ridge, Langley, Surrey, Burnaby and Vancouver.

What is the price of having liposuction?

Dr. Brown will discuss the cost of having liposuction in your consultation as the amount of fat and the areas being addressed is varies from patient to patient.