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Belly Button Surgery Procedure Abbotsford

The umbilicoplasty is cosmetic surgery to reshape the belly button after pregnancy, past piercings or scarring.

belly button

In your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Brown in our Abbotsford, BC office, he will discuss:

  • If you are a candidate for umbilicoplasty
  • Go over your expectations for your surgical goal
  • The incision and scar patterns from this surgery
  • What to expect after having an umbilicoplasty
  • The benefits and potential risks of having an umbilicoplasty

Belly Button Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the surgery performed?

This procedure is performed in the office in Dr. Brown’s procedure room under local anesthetic.

How long is the surgery?

This procedure typically takes about 30mins.

What is the recovery like after umbilicoplasty?

Generally, Dr. Brown uses dissolving stitches and will cover the incision with a bandage that should be left on for 4 days. You should avoid strenuous activity, as well as pools, hot tubs and oceans for approximately 4-6 weeks until the incision is completely healed.

What is the price for umbilicoplasty?

Dr. Brown will give you a quote for this at the time of consultation as there are some variations.